Real Estate Optimization

Together with our partners in the construction industry, we optimize each property before we rent it out.

Tradre values the well-being of its tenants. Many real estate players only play a role in the sale, purchase and rental of properties. We also help you optimize your real estate. This ensures that your property is sold or leased more quickly.

By making good use of space, installing a new bathroom or kitchen and adapting the property to certain target groups, you create added value. This makes investing in (rental) accommodation an interesting investment.

Tradre works with a number of partners in the construction and finishing sector. Together with these partners we ensure to optimize the properties for our tenants. For every property we add to our portfolio, we carry out a number of renovations and optimizations, to make sure that our tenants live in a real Tradre home.

Why Tradre?

Are you considering selling your property?

We buy properties and portfolios directly from private individuals and professional investors

Then you have come to the right place at Tradre! We renovate buildings and invest in investment objects.

Waarom Tradre?

Overweegt u uw pand te verkopen?

We kopen panden en portefeuilles rechtstreeks van particulieren en professionele investeerders

Dan bent u bij Tradre aan het juiste adres! Wij renoveren panden en investeren in beleggingsobjecten.

Building a better future together