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Ontmoet het team!

Below we introduce to you Simon, Jasper and Tonnie! Simon is our General Manager, Jasper is our Operations Manager and Tonnie is our Sourcing Manager.


Simon Schilder

Name: Simon Schilder

Function: General Manager


About Simon:

Simon is the founder and Managing Director of Tradre Group. In his earlier job he was confronted with the traditional real estate market every day and he felt like things could be done differently. Together with his partner Jasper Hoetmer, he decided to change the real estate market through a combination of common sense and the latest technologies. This has resulted in Tradre being able to track down the best real estate in the Netherlands using unique search methods.

To lead the enormous growth that Tradre Group has experienced in the right direction, Simon has decided to relinquish his operational tasks at the Kwakman Group and to focus, together with all partners, a 100% on building stable profitable real estate portfolios.


Mail: simon@tradre.com

Phone: 06 17308708


Jasper Hoetmer

Name: Jasper Hoetmer

Function: Operations Manager


About Jasper:

Jasper is the Operations Manager of Tradre Group. After working for a number of years at a real estate investment company, he felt that the real estate market was an outdated traditional market and it was time for renewal through data driven systems. That’s how it all started.

Jasper is responsible for the entire operation within Tradre, managing Sourcing Managers and building the real estate portfolio. In addition, together with his partner Simon Schilder, he is constantly looking for opportunities to improve the company and the real estate market.



Mail: jasper@tradre.com

Phone: 06 12 21 92 68


Tonnie Azelmad

Name: Tonnie Azelmad

Function: Sourcing Manager


About Tonnie:

Tonnie is responsible for training and supervising the sourcing partners. His training as a teacher combined with his acquired knowledge of delivering real estate properties makes him the ideal Sourcing Manager.

In addition, Tonnie is responsible for setting up Tradre Education. Together with IT Developers of Tradre Software, he is involved in the development of our innovative platform which makes it accessible for everyone to trade in real estate. This is one of the many innovative ideas that Tradre Group is currently working on.



Mail: t.azelmad@tradre.com

Phone: 06 42 59 55 37

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